Portfolio > In Progress: To Be undone By Another

To Be undone By Another — seeks to develop a dialogue about the landscape, the body, and the history of identity and masculinity. As mutual cultural understanding of queered language, symbols, and ideas expand so does the understanding and depth of complexity for the viewer. The forest, beach, and other land being a site that is mutually public and counterpublic, the disrobing an act of connection to the land but also coded symbolically as an action of public sex, and the body itself being sub grouped by queer gay male communities as fetishized and belonging to the brotherhood of bears. To be Undone by Another does not seek to divest from the politicization of queer bodies. This work seeks to transgress upon the systems of power to create possibilities for queer bodies by distributing and trespassing on the cultural touchstones instantiating a troubling of stable categories of identity.